Allen Xu - UI/UX Designer
Allen Xu

My Trips Redesigns & Added Features

Previous & Canceled Trips had been a highly demanded mobile feature requested by our customers. The main goal of redesigning My Trips was to let customers have access to all their trips in one place, and book again with ease. 

Even though the main focus was adding previous & canceled trips to My Trips, the upcoming trips also needed an appealing visual to show the information. My approach was to use the card design with images of hotel, flights or rental car, depending on the type of trip. I also added the number of days of an upcoming trip on the top left corner so users know exactly how many days are left for the trip. For previous & canceled trips, I worked with another designer on the visual aspects including the hotel, airplane, car icons, and the disclaimers which helps users to quickly differentiate the trip type; the Book Again button helps users to book the same trip effortlessly. Other minor design updates that I did included, moving the Trip Look Up button in the old My Trips screen to the top right as a magnify icon, displaying signed in user’s name and email as the screen title, combining the contact numbers into a call icon, and added the remind me option for users who want to be notified in hours, days or weeks for upcoming trips. I was responsible for sketching, wireframing, user-flows, UX and UI designs.

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