Allen Xu - UI/UX Designer
Allen Xu

Hotel Flexible Dates Search

The flexible dates search feature was a minimum viable product (MVP) and it was initially designed to deep link hotel deals from the Priceline marketing emails on a mobile device directly to the hotel details screen in the iOS app. The goal was to bring traffic to the native app and continue the booking experience to increase hotel conversion. Later we expanded the idea to further enhance our app experience for our hotel users – getting a hotel search result with estimated lowest price for each night within the selected location and letting users decide the dates later on. We also implemented the ability to change dates and number of rooms anywhere in the path besides the search and room rates screens. I was responsible for creating the wireframes and user flow for Hotel Retail, Express Deals and Name Your Own Price paths. I carefully considered the designs of the on and off states of "I'll select my dates later" checkbox on the search screen, and how each state would display in the flexible dates search bar.

hotel_retail_flexible_dates_search_001 copy.jpg